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Infants: 6 weeks to 18 months
This program offers a true partnership in the care of your baby – providing a wonderful, safe and nurturing environment that respects the needs of your whole family. You will find a warm and welcoming setting for your baby to grow and thrive, and for you to feel relaxed and at ease. Our infants enjoy Shabbat celebrations with our clergy and are exposed to the festivities of all Jewish holidays. Every day is a new adventure and our programs are designed to accompany your family as your baby grows from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. Teachers provide one-to-one moments of caring, play, and communication. Each baby has a personalized care plan to support daily schedules, nutritional guidelines, and other unique needs. Sensory rich spaces, outdoor time (weather permitting), and stringent safety, security, and cleanliness standards are all part of this special program. Infant teachers receive specific Health and Safety Training for this age group.

Toddlers: 18 to 24 months
This program is designed for toddlers who are inquisitive by nature. These newly mobile explorers are natural learners, eager for new skills, and on the cusp of major steps forward in their language, physical, social-emotional, and cognitive development. With warm, nurturing teachers by their side, we offer children the opportunity to reach their greatest potential in all areas. We pay special attention to the changing needs of children at this age, encourage individual growth and independent choices, opportunities to engage with peers and to be part of a group. Learning centers include language, reading, construction, math, fine motor, art, dramatic play, outdoor learning - and more! - in a relaxed environment that fosters self-confidence. Shabbat and holiday celebrations are a joyous part of the weekly curriculum. Stringent health and safety standards are a critical element of our program. 

Dreamers & Me: Toddler with Grown-UpDreamers & Me is offered by Temple Sinai of Roslyn as a guided path to our formal ECC. Help to spark your child’s imagination and learn how to optimize play with your little one as we engage in music, movement, literacy, a child-friendly mini-Shabbat experience, and play-based activities designed with bonding in mind. This program is uniquely designed to encourage multi-sensory experiences that stimulate emerging language skills, motor development and socialization. This is a nurturing and structured environment with an opportunity for connection to other families at the same stage of parenting. Wonderful friendships are created in our programs (and not just for the children!). This program is designed to begin with partial separation ultimately leading to full separation as a way to prepare your child for independent school time. 

Twos: Two-years-old by December 1
The children are ready to begin a more structured day. We encourage language and early literacy skills, early math and science concepts, and large and small muscle skills, as well as social and emotional development. The children are introduced to “Mat Man” from Handwriting without Tears® as a foundation for developing literacy. Equally important, at TSECC, parents are our full partners. Together, our goals are to inspire your child; to make sure each moment of childhood is one of wonder, joy and learning; and to ensure milestones today pave the way for a lifelong love of learning. An important component of the TWOS’ experience is learning social skills that include sharing, taking turns, asking for help, and using words to express themselves. As part of the curriculum, we incorporate music & movement classes and secular and Judaic learning.

Threes: Three-years-old by December 1
This wonder-filled age group’s curriculum consists of academics, socialization, cooperative learning, independence skills, and Judaic education. These children are more adjusted to the structure of a school day and are eager to continue learning. The national program Handwriting without Tears® is a resource to prepare our little learners for the future. The exploration of math concepts truly comes alive through the implementation of Math in Focus®. Teachers and children work one on one and in small groups, ensuring that students achieve their personal academic goals and reach social-emotional milestones. Mindfulness is a cornerstone of THREES’ program, a simple practice of bringing a gentle awareness to the moment, in an effort to enhance focus and concentration. Socialization and cooperative learning are emphasized along with self-help skills and independence. Our celebration of Shabbat and Jewish holidays as a class community draws children even closer together. 

Fours: Four-years-old by December 1
Our PRE-K classes work hard at preparing for Kindergarten by diving deep into academics. While strengthening social skills, we also continue working on vital academic skills using resources such as Fundations®, Math in Focus®, and Handwriting without Tears®. Math, science, social studies, and emergent reading are emphasized through an age-appropriate, developmentally sound approach. Judaic learning is also a central part of our curriculum. Our PRE-K students perform Chanukah and Passover plays, enabling them to act out these important stories while learning the meaning behind them. Creative expression and emotional intelligence are key elements of this age group’s program. Preparing children both academically and socially for kindergarten is an important task, and one we take very seriously. Principals in the surrounding districts tell us that Temple Sinai ECC students enter their schools extremely well prepared for a successful learning journey. 

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