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Light a Candle: Our Congregation Remembers



Though the number that comes to the minds of most people when discussing the Holocaust is six million, we at Temple Sinai teach that the most important number associated with that murderous destruction of the European Jewish population is one - because the life of each individual victim was sacred.

Inspired by a lesson our students learn in the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance course taught to sixth-graders and their parents, Temple Sinai has created Light a Candle: Our Congregation Remembers, a project designed to involve each member-family in keeping alive the memory of a victim of the Holocaust.  

To participate in the Light a Candle project, please fill out the form below. Once signed up, we will provide you with instructions for choosing your Holocaust victim.

Through your kindness and sincerity, they will live on in the collective memory of Temple Sinai.


Sat, May 30 2020 7 Sivan 5780