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The Kveller Haggadah

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Poetry & Readings to Supplement Your Seder

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Beytzeh: Season of the Egg

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When Faces Called Flowers 
Float Out of the Ground

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Refugee Awareness and Support
Adapted from the HIAS Haggadah


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Uyghur Genocide Awareness and Action
from Jewish World Watch Seder Insert

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Elijah's Cup: Taking Action Against
Climate Change

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The Sunflower

Working Towards Redemption: Stories from our Congregants

These pages share just some of the stories of members of our Temple Sinai community who have sought to bring our world closer to redemption this year. We hope they will inspire you and that you will share them at your Passover seder.

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A Passover Message from Rabbi Julia Gris

Rabbi Julia Gris, the spiritual leader of Shirat Ha-Yam (The Song of the Sea), a progressive synagogue in Odessa, is the only female rabbi in Ukraine. The rabbi is a personal friend of Cantors Elena and Sergei Schwartz.

Rabbi Gris, her 19-year-old daughter, and two cats, walked 20 miles lugging suitcases, to make it safely to Warsaw, Poland. Knowing the life they knew in Odessa was gone, the rabbi's heart overflowed with gratitude to God when in Warsaw she reunited with 34 members of her congregation.

Together, she and her congregants made the decision to evacuate and, for at least the time being, stay together in one place as a temple family. Rabbi Gris organized the evacuation, found housing for her congregants in Germany, and continues to provide support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rabbi Gris and her daughter were able to evacuate thanks to the generosity of the members of our Temple Sinai community.

Rabbi Gris shares a Passover message with Temple Sinai from Germany.

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A Passover Song from Cantors Elena & Sergei Schwartz

The word seder means order. Traditionally, we follow a set of rituals known as the order of the seder. This list serves as a set of "landmarks" for the evening, that help us find our place in the haggadah.

In solidarity with the people of Ukraine who are fighting for their freedom, Cantors Elena and Sergei Schwartz adapted the melody of one of the most popular Ukrainian songs, Zvite Teren (The Blackthorn is Blossoming), to the order of the seder.

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The Four Questions

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Coloring Pages

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Happy Passover coloring sheet.

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Matzah coloring sheet.

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Seder Plate coloring sheet.

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